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Processor CPU MT7628 MIPS24KEc
Frequency 580 MHz
Total DMIPs 580 x 1.6 DMIPs
I-Cache, D-Cache 64 KB, 32 KB
Memory DDR Type DDR2 16-bit
DDR Size 1Gb
RF WiFi  2.4 Ghz 802.11bgn
WiFi Antenna 2X
Battery Type  lithium battery
Capacity 3.7V / 4000mah
Interface USB3.0 High Speed USB3.0 X1
USB2.0 USB 2.0 host charge for phone
RJ45 10/100Mbps
micro USB Connect Power Adapter for charge
Sata Connect 500G/1T/2T(Optional) HDD
Power Key Power on/off
SD SD Card Reader
Led Display Status
Power Power Adapt 5V / 2A(Not inlcuded in accessories)
Packing information Gift box size Dimentions:175*125*56MM
PCS/Carton 20PCS / CNT
Carton box size Dimentions:365*265*305MM
Carton GW/NW 20pcs   GW:11.4kg /NW:10.4
pcs/20"Container 16800pcs
pcs/40"Container 35840pcs
Accessories  USB3.0 Cable,Micro USB Charge cable,SD Card adapter,Screw driver,Screws*4
Certificate CE/FCC


Certificate - CE



Certificate - FCC


Filename Version File Size Update Time Operating System Download Link
DWE1000_V3.0_en_android.pdf v3.0.0 11.29M 2018-06-03 Android4.4 or later Download

Android App

Filename Version File Size Update Time Operating System Download Link
Blazedrive.apk v2.0.3 16.4M 2017-08-24 Android4.4 or later LocalDownload

Ios Manual

Filename Version File Size Update Time Operating System Download Link
Manual_Ios_V2.0.pdf v2.0 5.3M 2017-01-12 IOS8.0 or later LocalDownload

Ios App

Filename Version File Size Update Time Operating System Download Link
IosAPP v2.0.0 59.4M 2017-09-08 Ios8.0 or later AppStoreDownload

WiFi Disk Desktop

Filename Version File Size Update Time Operating System Download Link
Wi-FiDisk-V20180517.rar v1.0.0 21.19M 2018-06-03 Windows XP or later Download


Q 1: How to install HDD disk, ensure your HDD is SATA interface and HDD capacity is below 2 TB capacity?

1.    Sliding the rear cover along the direction as showed below and  remove it


2.    Take off the middle case as following showed


3.    Insert the HDD as arrow direction showed , assemble screw and secure the HDD


4.    assemble middle case and rear cover  (please first assemble the connectors interface,  as showed below)

Q 2: How to Power on or Power Off?

Power on:  Hold Wifi HDD Power Button 1-2S, when Power led on, Release Button.  Device system start boot, until wifi led display ,Device is ready.

Note: If you press power button ,the led is not on, or  can duration very short time then led off , this mean Wifi HDD power is very level , Please charge it first.

Power Off:

1, Hold Wifi HDD Power Button 5S, until Power LED off, Device system start power off, until all led off.

 2, Use application: Click “Settings” icon, find out “System mamagement” -> “Close Wi-Fi Disk”, Click on it, system will power off.

Q 3: How to download the application?

A: use “wechat”

1, Use “wechat”  QR code scanner to scan  rear cover QR code.

2, display the follow page , then press [] button and select “open by browser”.

3, select  the right button according your phone system .

B: use other QR code scanner tool . if you get the web address , please Paste the web address to browse then download.

C:Use google market, then search “BlazeDrive”, then download.

D: Direct input  the follow address by browse


Q 4: How to Install the application?

1, when download finish, Phone will auto open install menu or browse the application , then Click the application . Click ‘INSTALL’ Button will start install.

     2,  Install complete , Please Open some Permission  for this application.

Q 5: How to connect the WiFi HDD?

1,  Power on the Wifi HDD

     press device power button 1 sec then release button, switch on it , the Wifi LED from ON to off , after 1 minute, led ON , it mean Wifi HDD is Ready.

2, Run the application “Blazedrive”.

a,  Open the application , will show as follow (it will be show use guide in first time)

b, some time , you can’t get the “ns_disk_xxxxxx” ,because your phone forbidden some permission .  Please allow  this application access position permission  and open “location information” function , then press refresh button again.

c,  if you also can get the device , press “switch network” Open your wLan Setting or open it by phone  setting button , select  “ns_disk_xxxxx” , input “123456789” direct connect the Wifi hotspot , return application refresh again.

d,  When the “ns_disk_xxxx” display in your application ,then press “LOGIN THE DISK”  to access the device.

Q 6: Why does the WiFi HDD display “no disk on the device”?

Reason1: Don't install hard disk on the wifi HDD.

How to do: Install a Hard disk for the wifi-hdd.

Reason2: Installed HDD but not detected by it.

How to do: Try to install again and Confirm the hdd is ok or not.

Reason3: Your app is working in “No disk use” mode.

How to do: Connect your wifi-hdd, make it working into normal mode.

Q 7: How to handle “Wi-Fi disk is broken” information?

Reason 1: WiFi  network is switch to other available networks automatically.

    The auto switch available networks function is support by your phone and the WiFi-HDD is not connected internet. So when you select connect WiFi-HDD network, your phone can not connect internet, then your phone auto switch to other available networks.

How to do:

1, find out the auto switch networks function to set it off.  Then try to connect Wifi-hdd again.

2,  if  you don’t find out the control menu, you can disable other wifi AP. And  Set  removable data off.

3,  you can connect your wifi-hdd with RJ45 Cable.  If you don't want keep RJ45 alway, first time you can connect it then configure it with Wireless networking as “How to make  phone  access network  at the same time use wifi hdd”.

Reason 2: Wifi hdd battery is low ,wifi signal is not stable.

How to do: Please charge it first .

Q 8: How to handle “disk format error” information?

Reason: the HDD is no formatted or the format is not supported by wifi-hdd.

How to do: Please format HDD by wifi-hdd.

Q 9: How to format your hard disk by WiFi-HDD?

1, Click “Settings” icon [ ] on first screen.

2, Enter ”Device Management” ->”Hard disk format” and click on it.

3, Format the hard disk:

     The default of the hard disk partition is divided into two zones(the first is Public disk , the other is Private disk), the first zone accounted for 40%, the user can input the distribution ratio you want.

    For example: 1T(1024G) HDD(normal is not 1000G or less),  if you input 40,then format, the public disk will be 400G or less, and left space will be distribution for private disk.

4, the default user name :root, password :123456789,

5, then click on Confirm button then wait format finished, it will be spend 1-2mins.

6, when formatting , the WiFi HDD will be reboot. When reboot finish, and WiFi led start  flash,  it means format complete.  reconnect your WiFi HDD, and enjoy it.

Q 10: How to handle “No Internet Access ”?

When you are using wifi hdd  and the device don’t connect internet. Some android  system will display “No Internet Access” information. Please select “No”.

If you select  yes , the Device will auto disconnect with your phone. Then you can’t access WiFi HDD.

Q 11: How to move、copy、delete、upload/download  between phone and WiFi HDD ?

1, when you open application and login WiFi HDD, it will be show Local, Public , Private  .In the picture:

1, Local: it means your phone

2, Public: it means Wifi_hdd Public Space

3, Private: it means Wifi_hdd Private Space, need register and login account to access.

4, Video, Audio, Gallery, Document, Files show current your select position data.

5, Contact and SMS use to backup and recovery your phone Contact and SMS.

6, External: List the external devices and content.

7, Settings: Configure your Wifi HDD.

File handle:

1, Press long on the file icon, then, you can select one or more files.

2, Press [    ] copy the selected file to other place.

3, press [ ] cut the selected file to other place.

4, press [ ] download the WiFi HDD to phone.

4, press [ ] button delete the select file

5, press [ ] button upload the phone files to WiFi HDD.

Q 12: How to Connect PC with USB 3.0 Cable?

a, connect PC use USB 3.0 cable  when WiFi HDD power off

b, Press Device Power button  until USB led on  then release button.

c, wait 10 s, you can access your WiFi HDD data.

Q 13: Why does the Hard disk capacity  less than actual capacity?

Because  when you format your hard disk, your hard disk create two partition, one partition is public disk, other partition is private disk. If you connect your PC by USB port. It will only display public disk. So you get the capacity is not enough.

Q 14: How to connect PC by WiFi?

Style 1:

1, Open you WiFi HDD until WiFi HDD is ready.

2, Switch your PC WiFi to connect “ns_disk_xxxx”, input password “123456789”.

3, Open your computer, and input \\ in address bar(File manager).  It will be show as follow, enjoy it.

Style 2:

If your WiFi HDD connect network by LAN or wireless , you can get your WiFi HDD IP address by Blazedrive application.

1,  Open your application and  connect device.

2,  Click “Settings” icon ,then find out “about” configure options , you will get the device IP address.

3, Open your Computer,  and input \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx in address bar . it is same as style 1.

Q 15: How to make phone  access network  at the same time use wifi hdd?

1, Wired networking

Insert LAN cable to WiFi_HDD , then  you  can enjoy the internet ,at the same time access WiFi_HDD.

2, Wireless networking

Click Settings Icon and connect the network, select WiFi and input the password.

Click WiFi Name and will see mobile search WiFi Name, select the WiFi which you want to connect and input password.

Click the connection mobile switch to WiFi , connect successfully and then turn to APP home page.

After switching network successfully, users use the WiFi HDD and can surf the Internet at the same time.

If user has already used the network cable to connect the WiFi disk to the router, do not switch to the wireless network to surf the Internet.

Q 16: How to charge?

1, Please use  phone adapt of yourself. (5V output)

2, Connect your wifi hdd and adapt.

3, if your charge cable is not compatible, Please use the cable provided by the accessory.

Q 17: How to upgrade firmware?

1, Please connect your wifi HDD to internet by Lan port

2, Open the device and check battery enough or connect power adapt.

3, Connect the device with Blazedrive application.

4, Enter “Settings” icon, find out firmware upgrade options, then Click it,and wait finish.

The System comparison server firmware version, if there is an update, will prompt you to confirm if upgrade, after confirm and you can enter the upgrade status. Upgrade time need some time, please wait for the system upgrade complete, then can carry out other operations.

Q 18: How to upgrade application?

1, when your wifi hdd  have network access, if you open your Blazedrive application, it will auto check the version with your location version. You will get upgrade information, then select download latest application and upgrade.

2, when your wifi hdd cann’t connect internet, but your phone can.

a, you can switch network make your phone have network access, enter “Settings” icon then find out  “others”->“about” ->”Check for updates”.

b, you can power off your wifi hdd ,then open your application, select “no disk use”, then you will get upgrade information.

Q 19:  How to one touch backup images/video/music ?

Keep your phone connection with WiFi HDD .

1, click “Settings” icon

2, Select “Data Management”->one touch backup images/video/music option,system will start backup working.

Q 20: How to register  private disk?

If the user not register private disk, can click reference upper right button on the login screen to register, or click the register of private disk on the settings page to register.

Set the username and password and submit the registration,after submit successfully, registered mail will receive the verification code, enter verification code to submit and complete the verification and registration finish,then jump to the login screen.


1, the user name and password can not be empty, the user name only is email address, password does not support @ and other special symbols.

2, pay more attention to:when register private disk need connect the networking.

3, a mobile phone on the same disk can only register a user.

Login private disk and forget password

In the setup interface, click and login private disk, or click the private disk, not login situation, APP will prompt the login interface, as follows:

Login Private disk

Fill in the user name and password, the user can login the private disk.

After Private disk login successfully, the user can manage private disk content in the same way to manage public disks and local files content.

if not register private disk, please refer to the registration of private disk.

If you forget your private disk password, click forgot password can operate as follow:

Forget password

Fill in the registered mail, click OK, the mailbox will receive a verification code, enter the interface as below:

Enter the verification code and click ok,the user can set password again.

Enter the new password and click OK, complete to retrieve your password, and jump to login interface.

Click the login, enter your user name and password, the user can use the new password to login.

Modify private disk password
Click the modify private disk password, enter the initial password and new password to complete the revision.


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