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Welcome to the Blazedrive application and device privacy policy
When you use the Blazedrive service, you are relied on how we treat your information. This privacy policy is designed to help you understand what data we will collect and which permissions to use, why you collect the data or permissions, and what you will do with the data or permissions. It is important to understand these things, so we hope you will take the time to read this policy carefully. Please note that you can assign certain permissions to Blazedrive autonomously depending on the function you are using.

1. Privacy policy

Our privacy policy explains the following issues:

What information we collect, and why we collect it.

We apply for permission to use.

1) the information collected

We collect information in order to provide better service to all users, including both the basic information inferred (for example, the language you use), and some of the more complex information.

The way we collect information is as follows:

(A) the information you provide to us. For example, our private disk service requires you to sign up for an account, and when you sign up for a private disk account, we will ask you to provide an email address and a password. This information will be stored in your account name, so you can forget your password. Back.

The information we get in the course of your use of the service. We will collect information about the services you use and how to use them. Such information includes:

(B) device information

We may collect device-specific information (such as your hardware model, firmware version, unique device identifier) ​​for checking and providing the correct upgrade file.

2) the application of the authority

We apply for permission in the process of using the Blazedrive application and the Blazedrive device. We will use these permissions to manipulate the data, but only for local and Blazedrive device functions, and do not involve collecting and uploading user information.

(A) location information acquisition

When you use the Blazedrive device, we need to use your real-time location (GPS and wifi location) for finding devices and devices for automatic docking.

(B) local storage

We will use the application data cache, collect the information you use and local storage, as well as local files and Blazedrive device data to move each other.

(C) Wifi network access is on

We will apply for wifi network access only for the user private disk registration, the use of local area network Wifi channel, the realization of mobile phones or smart devices and Blazedrive equipment for data transfer.

(D) contact mobile phone information read and write

We will apply for contact and access to information, to achieve contact and information data backup to the Blazedrive device, you can not use this feature to prohibit the grant of the application of the authority.

(E) camera permissions

We will apply for camera permissions to achieve in the album using the camera, shooting to complete the upload to the Blazedrive device and other functions.

2. Information use

(A) This application will not provide, sell, rent, share or trade your personal information to any unrelated third party unless the prior permission is obtained by you, or the third party and this application (including the application affiliate) To serve you, and after the end of the service, it will be prohibited from accessing all of the information that it has previously accessible.
(B) this application does not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell or distribute your personal information by any means. Any application platform user who is engaged in the above activities, once discovered, this application has the right to immediately terminate the service agreement with the user.
(C) For the purpose of serving the user, this application may use your personal information to provide you with information of interest, including but not limited to sending you product and service information, or sharing information with this application partner so that they Send you information about its products and services (the latter requires your prior consent).

3. Information disclosure

This application will disclose your personal information in whole or in part, depending on your personal or legal requirements, in the following cases:
(A) disclose to a third party with your prior consent;
(B) to share your personal information with third parties in order to provide the products and services you require;
(C) disclosure to third parties or to administrative and judicial bodies in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law or at the request of the administrative or judicial body;
(D) if you appear in violation of the relevant PRC laws, regulations or this application service agreement or the relevant rules, you need to disclose to a third party;
(E) if you are a qualified IP Complainant and have filed a complaint, the Respondent shall be required to disclose to the Respondent so that the parties may deal with the possible dispute of rights;
(F) other applications that are deemed appropriate under the laws, regulations or website policies.

4. Information storage and exchange

The information and materials collected by this application will be kept on the server of this application and / or its affiliates, which may be sent to your country, region or this application to collect information and information from and Outside access, storage and display.

5. Information security

This application account has security features, please keep your user name and password information. This application will be through the user password encryption and other security measures to ensure that your information is not lost, not being abused and altered. In spite of the foregoing safety measures, please also note that there is no “sound security measures” on the information network.

6. Changes to this Privacy Policy

(A) If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post these changes in this policy, our website, and where we consider it appropriate, so that you understand how we collect, use your personal information, who can access this information, And in what circumstances we will disclose this information.
(B) The Company reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, so please check it regularly. In the event of a material change to this policy, the Company will inform you of the form of the notice.

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